The «4 main mistakes» of Goal Setting

While you decide to start life-planning it is important to keep in mind that there are some dangers as you move forward. These are the 7 main mistakes of life planning.

Mistake 1. You are not writing your goals down.

As long as you do not write down your goals, there are no goals set from you. Only dreams, wishes and thoughts. Goals and action plans should be written and stored somewhere you can see them. The most efficient way to commit to your goals is to write them down and put them someplace where you will be able to remind them yourself daily.

Mistake 2. Setting Unrealistic Goals

On the other hand, when you write a goal down, it doesn’t mean that it will happen by itself. It’s only through taking practical measures that you will achieve your goals, and the only way you’ll be able to action these goals is if you are genuinely passionate about them, to begin with.

Many of us, we set unrealistic deadlines for achieving our goals.

Consider how long it can sometimes take to develop a new habit, or even break an old one (such as smoking or binge eating). Achieving goals that are meaningful, will often require more time than what we want to invest in them.

The secret is to focus on our natural abilities and motivations as a driving force for taking us forward. This principle is fundamental to successful life planning and will be discussed more in later sections.

Mistake 3. Moving without an Effective Plan

The 6P’s rule: Perfect planning prevents a partially poor performance! Having written a well-described goal is only the first chapter of your greater life story. It is a well- considered action plan that directs you towards arriving at the final scene.

The action plan that you will create will become the map that will allow you to get to the goals that you set throughout your life journey. Those goals will become your final destination. Every successful mission has had a well thought out plan attached to it.

I suggest that you be patient and enjoy the process! This is your life! Invest time into planning this journey so you can take the best route and get there in the best possible time.

Mistake 4. Losing your Focus

No goal can be achieved without focus, commitment and persistence. You might sometime lose this focus, but please do not quit, as this is the only life that you will ever have.

If you try enlisting a trusted friend or personal mentor to support you throughout the process, it will help you not to lose focus. You can share your successes and failures with them, and learn from the experiences you encounter along the way.

Doing this ensures that your goals still have relevant meaning attached to them as what they did when you first set them. And, as long as the meaning attached to your goals remain the same, they will continue to act as the driving force that powers your actions and behaviours.