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Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is mainly addressed to business executives, employees of various levels who want to achieve goals, to change actions, or attitudes, to improve their communication, to integrate in their action the culture and vision of the organization where they belong, to take over action desired by the company, to show their skills without fear and hesitation or to make a career change.

Executive Coaching helps you to communicate with strength and presence, to manage your stress, to develop greater emotional intelligence, to manage difficult situations, to determine your authentic leadership style and to become your best version in the your field.

At Executive Coaching, we focus on the professional section of your life and the goals you set specifically there. Of course it is true that your human nature is above all and it is quite possible to start our sessions for a professional goal that you set or the organization where you work and in the process of the discussion arises, a family or a personal issue, which is an obstacle to achieving the professional goal. Then we will focus on that.

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Commitment to Executive Coaching is usually targeted and specific, monitored and measured over time and may last from 6 to 18 months, depending on the subject matter.

It is important for emerging leaders to receive the support they need as soon as they start managing, not 10 years later, at the age of 42 (as a study by found).

It is important that work becomes a learning space for the development of basic skills that we never learned in school: self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, effective communication, etc.

Executive Coaching helps you gain career clarity (if you are in transition or thinking of making a transition) especially if you are ready to align your life with your purpose and ambition.

Through Executive Coaching, symbiotic relationships are created between the company and the employee, strategic corporate initiatives are aligned with personal values and goals, to lead to future business success.

It helps organizations make the most of the diversity and innovation of their people.

As a business executive for 22 years, I have a personal unique combination of knowledge, experience and concept which I incorporate in my collaboration with you, along with my knowledge and my strong desire for you to succeed and highlight all the potential that you hide inside you, the most beneficial way for you.

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