Do you spend your whole life focusing on what you don’t have?

If you’re guilty of this (worrying about what you don’t have rather than appreciating the things that you do), you stand at risk of living a highly stressed life in a constant mode of striving, busyness and stress (like a pressure pot that’s waiting to explode).

However … if you’ve ever achieved anything significant in life, then you’ll already understand how to be completely focused (and clear) about what it was that you specifically wanted. The greater degree of clarity you have about what it is you DO want from your life, the easier it will become for you to achieve and accomplish these goals.

Today, there are so many countless demands that are clambering for your time, attention and focus. If you don’t become clear on what you want in your own life, you might end up trapped, working for peanuts (or for a minimal salary) or helping somebody else to accomplish all of the goals, dreams and visions that they have for theirs.

The imperitive first step that we can take towards taking control of our lives, regaining our focus and achieving visions that we have, is to ask ourselves the following three questions.

And just to note, that the sequence in which we answer these questions is essential to us actually getting what we want – so just go with the process here …………

Q1) What is a specific outcome that I want? (e.g. There’s a big difference between “I want to lose some weight” and “I’m going to lose 20 pounds.”)

Q2) What are the main reasons why I want to accomplish this goal (in relation to my greatest life vision)? (e.g. Will achieving this goal get you closer towards fulfilling your greatest life vision?)

Q3) What are the steps that I need to take that’ll enable me to accomplish this specific outcome that I want? (choose the most important ideas, the ones to focus on first: write these steps in a relevant order).

The only arrow that’ll ever reach your target will always be the actions you take. The previous three questions give you an actionable framework that you can use as often as needed; that’ll help you get closer towards achieving anything that you’re willing to commit to in life.