Do you know your greatest life vision?

Do you know your greatest life vision?

Here you have one of those ‘GRANDE’ questions that are part of the same sort of category as other major life issues such as;

• What is my purpose of life?

• Why am I here? …and,

• Why bad things are happening to me?

Your greatest life vision is a statement that outlines an ideal description of the main outcome of your life. Once you’re able to define your greatest life vision, this definition will become the guiding principle behind all of your future decisions, action, behaviours and attitudes until the very day that you die.

If you were a company, your ‘Greatest Vision’ would be either the organisational vision or mission Statement. (The reason why you exist and what you will commit your life to achieving!)

This statement should give you inspiration, motivation and it should drive you out of bed every morning and towards taking the right actions that will get you closer to fulfilling it.

This is the statement that gives you a perspective on life, so that when tough times come your way (which they always will), you’ll remain focused on the prize, consistent in your ways, and unaffected by the negativity of society, your peers or even your family members.

This personal vision statement will be connected to every area of your life, including your relationships, your career, your finances, your spare time and even your routine responsibilities.

This statement becomes a vision for your future that will define and shape every decision you make until you eventually fulfil it. If you want to understand better what your greatest life vision might look like, see the statements you’d find on the gravestones of those who have passed away..

Your greatest life vision will be a verbalization of the words that you’d ideally have inscribed upon your tombstone.

The words on your tombstone will act as a reflection of the life that you’ve lived as remembered by others. An obituary is the unabridged version of this and will mostly describe who you were and how other people remember you.

It might be true that you want to be remembered in several ways; as a career woman, a family man, a highly skilled professional or perhaps a shrewd business person?

But, as you’re more than likely already aware, there are many areas in life to consider when it comes to life planning, and placing too much focus on one area in your life can easily leave you sacrificing another.

A good example of misplaced priorities is when people place more importance on developing their career, than what they do on maintaining healthy relationships. Money can often come at the cost of intimacy or connection.

Upon reaching the end of life, it’s common for many people to look back on their lives with regret, mourning the relationships that they ‘missed out on’.

An indication that someone has failed terribly at planning their life will be found in the regrets and sorrows that they have in their final hours.

Life is all about balance, and it’s only you who knows the right balance for you. Although it can be hard to articulate our greatest life vision’ attempt to visualise what your life would be like if it were perfect in every way.

Imagine if all the people you know were to know exactly how kind, loving, caring and giving you could be. How would you like all these people to remember you?