Different Kinds Of Goals

One reason why people fail at goal setting is that they don’t understand the various types of goals that we can set in life. goals might involve:

Developing a new skill: Maybe you always wanted to learn a new skill, play an instrument or get better at initiating new relationships.

* Breaking a bad habit: e.g. Stopping smoking, exercising more or developing a more positive attitude towards life.

Achieving specific outcomes: This might be building more intimate relationships with friends, becoming financially free or achieving a specifed career goal.

The way we manage these various goals will always differ. Where some goals we set will be short term, others will be medium term, and others will be long term. Some of our goals will be easy to accomplish, and others … well, not so!

The Goals We Set Will Always Be One of the Following:

A Greatest Life Vision Goal: Our greatest ‘purpose’ in life as defined by the vision statements we set for each of our primary life areas. A goal like this will typically not be achievable in one or two simple steps – it’ll take us the journey of a lifetime to accomplish this one!.

Long-Term Main Goals: These are the main ‘life area’ goals that will lead us towards fulfilling our greatest life vision.

Medium-Term Milestone Goals: These are the milestone goals in-between the first immediate steps that we need to take today, and our main long-term goals or greatest life vision.

Short-Term Mini-Goals: This type of goal allows our medium term milestone goals to be broken down into smaller, bite size chunks to make them more manageable and achievable.

You can only achieve your long-term main goals (your main life area vision statements) through fulfilling your medium-term milestone goals, again, of which, can only be met through accomplishing your short-term mini goals.