About me

The vision to help you, started
when I realized that by changing my own behaviors,
my life improved.

About me

Bravo for being here! It means a lot to you.
It means that it’s time for more!
I am Fotini and my mission is very simple. I want to support you to achieve a positive and lasting change in your life.

I want to be a source of support, empowerment and insight while you do this. I offer you a new lens to see yourself and the world. I help you convert and take advantage of your own sustainable and renewable energy source. Let’s build a better world together.


For 22 years, I worked as a Project Manager & Events Planner in the tourism sector.

Combining my coaching training, my professional background and my life experiences, I am using my resources to work with you to achieve your goals and vision of who you want to be.

My intention is to help you gain more self-awareness and basic leadership skills to reveal who you are and what you want, so that you can live with confidence, certainty and authenticity. By generously sharing my professional skills and knowledge with you. By seeing in your inner wisdom and experience. I work with you to lead you to the realization of your goals and your vision for life.

You can see in my Linkedin profile, in detail my previous professional experience.




  • Certificate in Coaching, AC Accredited, E -Learning University of Athens
  • Certificate in Corporate Coaching: Executive Coaching & Mentoring – AC Accredited, E- Learning, University of Athens
  • MSc Student, Tourism Business Administration, Hellenic Open University
  • Tourism Business Administration, T.E.I. Of Athens

On my personal journey to knowledge, some of the programs I have attended are:

  • NLP Master Practitioner IGNLP & ABNLP Certified
  • NLP Practitioner (associate) IGNLP & ABNLP Certified
  • Advanced Life Coaching Diploma by Achology 
  • Group Coaching, Career Coaching seminars
  • Health and Nutrition Life Coach by Transformation Academy
  • Spiritual Coach by Transformation Academy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certified by the iGCLC™
  • Public Speaking Masterclass 
  • EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner by the Priority Academy
  • Digital Marketing Master Pro by Leaders School
  • Basic Principles of Personnel Management (in-house seminar)
  • Time management (in-house seminar)
  • Marketing and Public Relations (in-house seminar)
  • Crisis Management (in-house seminar)
  • Marketing Mix and Branding, E -Learning University of Athens
  • Success Master University by Robin Sharma
  • Unleash the Power within by Tony Robbins
  • Seminars for Effective Communication, Healing the Inner Child, Internal Reconciliation by Holistic Harmony
  • 1st and 2nd degree Reiki
  • Self-Awareness, Well-being, Clever Thinking Seminars and more
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